The end of Liberty

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The marquise of the magnificent red fabric hid the terrace and with it a young married couple. Adam's cheek cheeks when his wife calm down that he's missing it, too. And she even apologizes for letting her mother convince her to marry her. That the surroundings forced their rhetories and poor stereotyped opinions to stop having fun, to stop living their open-minded bohemian lives, to settle and to have a child.
Because although Adam loves their mother, he knows that Lydia loves him in the same way and maybe a little more, because he is his mother, knowing and understanding that he lacks the days of liberty, freedom, and utter sincerity he had experienced when he and Lydia had engaged in a decade ago. Lydia sucked three books after the wedding; One when she was pregnant, one two years after the birth of their Matýska, and one when he joined the school. But none of them matched what they once wrote.