The day is both painted…

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You go nicely in the park home from work, the birds sing, the sunshine shines and you are already planning a weekend trip for all. You come home and the woman tells you she's been demolishing. That car is almost on depreciation. Your chin will fall. What now? There is a ruin in the garage and it is completely dispassable, so ripe for service. There is still a tow truck and car rental service. Nice one after another…
Services per one
My mother liked Clio, my father longs for the bigger, even if it's only for a while. The car rental company will be able to give you everyone to rent. Savings will be doubled! Not only did the trip turn out well, you even decided to get rid of your shipwreck and buy it bigger, just what my dad had. He wants to have them forever, and he doesn't like the farewell.

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