Pleasant overnight accommodation for all

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The staff were very friendly and helpful. You're saying that this is a dream that can't be met in the Czech Republic? He will give us! Accommodation Jeseníky in the hotel Sporthotel Kurzovní is a great place for your relaxation at really attractive prices including great breakfasts and a choice of several rooms. Our hotel has available 142 beds from single to five-bed or even with extra bed. The rooms are divided according to the type of Komfort, Standard and Turist, and therefore we believe that according to the demands of each individual, everyone is chosen by us.
Magic Nature
Go to the magical nature of a breath of fresh air and experience a beautiful holiday in the Czech Republic! Our hotel is surrounded by nature and is located so that you can see from it the highest mountain of the region and it Praděd. Well, does this place sound fabulous?

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