From House to Home - New Home Essentials

From House to Home – New Home Essentials

From house to home… Moving home is an exciting change. Every time. And every time it goes with a decent amount of stress. And hard work. I am speaking from my personal experience. Since I left my parents’ house 10 years ago, I have moved to different places more than half a dozen times. That includes new cities and a new country as well.

The last time was a few months ago and hell, I hope we stay here longer. Because if changing accommodations as a young girl at university is fun, moving house as a parent is not at all that carefree.

It’s not that bad though. I love the excitement of starting fresh.

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Zen Tips for Your Garden

Zen Tips – Creating a Heaven in Your Garden

There are people who don’t like spending too much time on their garden: throw a few plants here and there, maybe some low-maintenance bushes and we’re done. However, if you want to make sure your garden looks the part, you can choose from a variety of designs, from contemporary and modern to stone and Zen gardens. Creating and maintaining a Zen garden can be difficult – but we’re here to help you do that and create a perfect little haven in which you can relax your mind and spirit.

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9 Delicious Superfoods You Need In Your Diet

9 Delicious Superfoods You Need in Your Diet

9 delicious superfoods you definitely need to incorporate into your diet.

Making sure your family (and you!) get all the nutrition you need can be challenging. From picky eaters to the enticements of junk food to simply not having enough hours in the day to create gourmet meals from scratch, it’s a wonder any of us eat healthy.

That’s why superfoods are so fabulous. They pack a whole lot of nutrition into very small servings, making them easy to add to the things you’re probably already eating – that, or a quick healthy breakfast, snack, or desert, like a smoothie.

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