Best activity Trackers 2017

Best Activity Trackers 2017

Fitness trackers have become a necessity to everyone who likes being active. Exercise, running, swimming… Whatever you do to keep fit and feel happy, you might have considered buying this gadget at some point. Or perhaps, you have already got one.

I still haven’t purchased my activity tracker, to be honest with you, and use a mobile app instead – Sports Tracker which is pretty awesome. But I think a wristband or a smaller device would be a great deal, as having my phone with me at all times is not always an option.

OK, time to share something useful with you. ReviewsBee is a platform that creates top-10 lists based on a deep algorithm research. Its team has prepared a list of the top 10 activity trackers for this year. Also, they were most kind to provide me with an infographic to share with you. It will give you a flavour of what activity trackers are and how they can help you enjoy physical activity.

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The Beauty of Home Fitness


The Beauty of Home Fitness

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Home fitness could be the perfect alternative for busy mothers and women. I have already told you about my fitness experience so far, quite short and modest and yet the beginning of a new lifestyle. Now I’ll share a bit more, but please keep in mind, I’m not a professional and don’t have the slightest pretensions of being good at sports. I just have fun. So here is what this post will be about – why I think home exercising is so convenient and probably as effective as going to the gym (depending on what you strive for), the equipment and how to stay motivated.

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Fitness Is Not Your Thing? Find the Right Person to Inspire You


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‘Fitness is not my thing’. I hear so many people, both men and women, say that. Actually, they are so deeply certain of their unwillingness to make a move that they even consider the idea itself to be vain and stupid. To a certain extent, some years back I was one of them. I have always believed sport to be a good thing; in fact, I have always admired those who, unlike me with my have-no-time excuses, do something. But it seemed that I just couldn’t find enough motivation to begin. There were some efforts from time to time, but nothing regular. I guess the Universe wanted me to give birth first and become a workout lover afterwards.

So how it all started. Three stages: Yoga → Pilates → Home fitness.

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