How to Balance Both Work and the Gym

How to Balance Both Work and the Gym – Guest Post

It’s no secret that exercise provides a wide range of benefits – not only physically but mentally as well; many times the benefits can be seen in the workplace. Multiple studies have shown that physical activity increases work performance, along with improving time management and mental sharpness. We all know how difficult it can be to balance both work and the gym when you have a long list of other commitments.

That’s why we, T.M.Lewin, created a graphic to help you achieve a balance with both work and exercise, amongst other daily activities. We have tips and tricks for before the gym, during, and after. Whether you’re going straight from the workplace to the gym or vise versa, we have you covered. In case you aren’t familiar with T.M.Lewin, we’re a British heritage brand that designs dress shirts for both women and men. Keep reading on to discover helpful tips for fitting in exercise with a hectic work schedule.

How to Balance Both Work and the Gym Infographic

What are your tips for maintaining a healthy active lifestyle?

*I would like to thank T. M. Lewin for sharing their lovely tips on how to find a balance between work and keeping fit. I hope this blog post would help both men and women. 

Thank you for reading,

Marina xxx*

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