My Travel Bucket List - Zakynthos Island

My Travel Bucket List – Zakynthos Island

Are you planning your family vacation for next year? Hot summer days on a sandy beach or maybe, a little escape to a nice quiet place during the Easter holiday? I know, it sounds preposterous since it is only November and it is actually Christmas coming just around the corner, not summer. Well, you can start searching for the perfect family destination now and still enjoy the magic of Christmas. If you have come across my post about Thassos, you know how fond of Greece I am (and my family, too).

Although there are so many other countries I would love to visit, I want to go back to Greece again and again. I just can’t help it. There is something inexplicably special about this country – the views, the tranquillity, the people… If you fancy spending some lovely time in beautiful Greece, would you choose a gorgeous villa or another peaceful type of accommodation, away from the crowded all-inclusive hotels? I definitely would, and I’ve got some good news for you. There is a website that will help you find the best property for your next family break – Clickstay.

I would go for one of the Greek Islands. I wish I could visit them all of course, but there is one island, in particular, I am super excited about – Zakynthos (or Zante). Majestic rocks, white beaches and crystal clear waters. The mesmerising blue waters of Greece…

Look at this charming town:

My Travel Bucket List - Zakynthos Island

Image source: GoZakynthos

Or this view:

My Travel Bucket List - Zakynthos Island

Image source: YouTube 

I bet it’s a pretty popular screen saver. 🙂

No doubt, Zakynthos is more than splendid and a must-see Ionian gem. And it’s not only beaches. There are plenty of things to do there which makes it ideal for families.

Here are some of my favourite picks:

  • The National Marine Park

A rare species of sea turtles lay their eggs here. You could also see the Mediterranean monk seal and a great variety of marine flora and fauna. A unique experience for families and especially for children. Not only will kids enjoy the adventure, but they will also learn why protecting animals is important.

  • The Church of St Dionysios

An Orthodox church dedicated to the patron Saint of Zakynthos. If you have been to Greece and haven’t visited a Greek church or monastery, I kindly advise you to do it next time. The Greeks are religious people and I love the spirit of their churches, the devoutness and the calmness.

  • The Castle of Zakynthos (or Kastro)  

An ancient Venetian castle set above Zakynthos town. I love castles even if there are only ruins left, and this one sounds promising.

Now, let’s see where to lodge. Away from the crowds or in the middle of everything? We are talking about a family vacation, so I would prefer the first option but without being too isolated.

To most holidaymakers, a beach holiday means near the beach (the nearer the better) and I am no exception. This apartment in Zante right by the beach is simply stunning. I love its romantic atmosphere. Its modern and yet, it looks so Greek – blue and white, the chairs… And what a view from the balcony!

Apartment in Zakynthos

Image source: Clickstay

How about being somewhere in the mountain and having a stunning sea view at the same time? Oh, I don’t mind this at all! I think I have found a villa in Tragaki, Zakynthos that is everything a family would need and more. A quiet place near the olive groves, a private pool and that breathtaking sea view again. It looks bright and comfortable, and I am totally in love with the stone walls.

Villa in Zakynthos

Image source: Clickstay 

Obviously, this is going to be a difficult decision for a Gemini to make alone. Thank God we are a couple that chooses things together.

I am not sure when but certainly, Zakynthos is on my travel bucket list. This marvellous Greek island awaits me and my family…

What about you? Would you choose Zakynthos to be your next family destination?

Marina xxx

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