Road Trip Advice - 5 Driving Tips to Save Fuel

Road Trip Advice – 5 Driving Tips to Save Fuel

There is an adage used by road trip advocates. They argue that a journey can be as remarkable as the destination. For a person hoping to see the country, the drive may indeed be the destination. Few countries espouse this truth more than Australia. The country has vast expansive landscapes that are beautiful to the eyes. To truly experience the country, it is not enough for you to fly from landmark to landmark, you are better off driving to see what lies in between. Road trips can, however, be an expensive affair owing to the cost of fuel. To enjoy the journey, you need to know how to save fuel when driving. The following are some tips on how you can be more energy efficient while road tripping.

1. Use a diesel vehicle

One thing about diesel vehicles is that they are always more fuel efficient than their petrol counterparts. Higher efficiency means that in your diesel vehicle, you will be able to cover a longer distance per tank of fuel than you would when driving a petrol vehicle. Diesel vehicles have another advantage in that they perform better when loaded. It is unlikely you will be on a road trip without either towing a trailer or having some luggage. The fact that you will have baggage is why higher fuel efficiency while pulling is essential for your trip as it saves you money and time. The other advantage of using a diesel-fueled vehicle is that the price of diesel, which is usually lower than that of petrol, doesn’t fluctuate as much as the cost of petrol. This means that you will spend less on fuel throughout the trip and you will also be able to budget with considerable accuracy.

2. Plan your fuel stops

There are two reasons why planning your stops can help you save fuel. One of them is that when you have planned stops, you do not have to carry fuel using jars in the vehicle. Fuel, especially petrol is very volatile and driving for many kilometers while having it at the back of the car in the heat might cause you to lose substantial amounts. The other reason why planning your stops is essential is that some petrol stations sell fuel at lower prices than others. If you research fuel prices in the filling stations along your route, you may be able to design to plan your stops to ensure that you fuel your vehicle in the ones offering fuel at a lower cost.

Road Trip Advice_ 5 Tips to Save Fuel

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3. Maintain the right tyre pressure

Maintaining the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle helps you ensure that your vehicle maintains the correct fuel economy. While the saving may be small over short distances, it saves you a substantial amount of money over long distances. This money can go into other expenses.

4. Choosing a more fuel-efficient vehicle

How can we save fuel? This is probably the most straightforward way how we can save fuel. Whether you decide to use a diesel vehicle or one that runs on petrol, there will always be vehicles that are more fuel efficient than others. Cars with smaller engines typically use less fuel than the ones with bigger engines. However, even as you choose a more fuel-efficient vehicle, you should also ensure that the engine you select has enough power to take you where you want to go without failing. The best way to choose a fuel-efficient vehicle is by looking up information on fuel consumption for different cars and pick one that best suits your needs.

5. Use an E10 fuel compatible vehicle

E10 fuel is unleaded petrol that has been blended with ethanol at a ratio of 1:9. Many of the cars built after 2000 are E10 compatible. If you are not sure about your car, you can check whether it is compatible online. E10 is more economical since 10% of it comes from organic matter which is not as expensive as petroleum. Vehicle manufacturers are building more and more efficient engines for use with E10, and the fuel itself has been standardized since it was introduced in the market ten years ago and its usage is being encouraged by the government. These improvements have made it possible for you to complete your road trip in an E10 vehicle no matter how long the trip is or the nature of the terrain. Using such a car will save you a considerable amount of fuel when compared to vehicles using regular fuel.

Road Trip Advice - 5 Tips to Save Fuel

Other tips could help you save fuel. Using a fuel card is one of them. Whether a fuel card saves you money or not depends on whether the card saves you fuel depends on whether it has other charges other than the cost of fuel. Many cards only charge more only when you are using it to buy fuel on credit. It follows, therefore, that if you are interested in saving money, you should have enough money in your account. The next issue of focus when choosing a card should be checking whether it has other charges.


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