From House to Home - New Home Essentials

From House to Home – New Home Essentials

From house to home… Moving home is an exciting change. Every time. And every time it goes with a decent amount of stress. And hard work. I am speaking from my personal experience. Since I left my parents’ house 10 years ago, I have moved to different places more than half a dozen times. That includes new cities and a new country as well.

The last time was a few months ago and hell, I hope we stay here longer. Because if changing accommodations as a young girl at university is fun, moving house as a parent is not at all that carefree.

It’s not that bad though. I love the excitement of starting fresh.

Are you moving home soon? Here are some tips to help you take the pressure off:

From House to Home - Moving Home Infographic

OK, the more difficult work sorted.

Now, how to make your new place a home? I usually take my favourite items with me. but I also love buying new things. Even a new candle can cheer me up enormously.

So it’s time for some new home essentials:

From House to Home - New Home Essentials

A new mattress to sleep tight, all the necessary kitchenware (a must for me), a rug where your kid/kids can play… And some touches to make it feel like home – lovely curtains to bring cosiness and charm to the rooms, artwork here and there, colourful cushions, anything that defines you and corresponds to your style.

Talking about artwork, don’t forget the family portrait. There! It looks gorgeous. And personal.

Being a bookworm, I cannot imagine my home without books. That means lots of heavy boxes and obviously, plenty of free space to keep my beauties in. Add a bedtime lamp and the needs of a book lover are fully met. 😀

Oh, and because we are parents of a boy, let me mention the countless trains and rails, and cars, and Lego boxes and other tiny construction sets that will keep popping up from every nook and cranny. Well, at least parenting never lacks colours.

Finally, regardless of your belongings, old or new, fill your new home with love and joy. Happiness lives where the love is. It doesn’t care about the window blinds or how expensive your new kitchen gadgets are. 😉

Marina xxx

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