Majesty Diamonds Necklace Review

Majesty Diamonds Necklace Review

It is summer, sunny and gorgeous. What does a woman need? Something beautiful, of course. Something feminine and pretty, the perfect addition to her new wardrobe. A new piece of jewellery, perhaps? Did you just say ‘yes’?

Then, let me show off my new pendant necklace by Majesty Diamonds.

Majesty Diamonds Necklace Review

My collection of jewels is quite scanty, I must admit. Apart from a wristwatch and a ring that I normally wear, accessories and jewels are not a must for me. But I have always been fond of silver necklaces – the fine and delicate ones, those that look like an unostentatious touch of beauty around your neck.

In the past, I would wear a necklace all the time. Then, a baby boy turned up and I found it wiser to get rid of everything that the little fingers could grab… and destroy for good. Well, the tiny lad is now a big boy. Mummy has forgotten some things. High heels every day? No, thank you. That would be the case five years ago. But mummy would still love to have a necklace. And actually wear it.

Majesty Diamonds Necklace Review

I absolutely love this jewel. Not only is it stunning, but it also has my favourite gemstone – amethyst. Amethyst is a gem of spirituality, a healing crystal that is believed to soothe the mind and have a positive effect on its owner’s emotions. It is also associated with the Crown Chakra (divine connection, spirituality, peace).

Before I lose you with my interest in stones, chakras, etc., let’s get back to this little amethyst – beautiful round shape and what a shade of purple! Love purple. Lavender, flowers, amethyst… The light purple of this gem makes my necklace suitable for any occasion, for almost any dress and top. It could combine perfectly well with so many colours and garments.

Majesty Diamonds Necklace Review

If you prefer another gemstone, Majesty Diamonds have got you covered. Rings, bracelets, pendants, gift sets… From cubic zirconia to black diamonds, from delicate earrings to engagements rings that will take your breath away. By the way, I think unmarried men need to check out the engagement collections, their fiancées will be left speechless.

There is so much you can find on Majesty Diamonds’ website. I am definitely not addicted to jewellery but I love the works of this Canadian brand. A wide range of items, good prices, quality products and more importantly, conflict-free diamonds. Whatever your budget is, Majesty Diamonds may be just for you. Oh, and they ship worldwide. Jewels come in a lovely box and come quickly.

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So ladies, what do you think? It’s summertime – warm sunny days, skirts and cold shoulder tops or bright coloured dresses… And a feminine jewel to finish the look. A woman’s world is full of beauty, isn’t it? Why not indulge yourself in sparkling elegance?

Marina xxx

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*Disclosure: I received a complimentary jewel for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own.*