9 Delicious Superfoods You Need In Your Diet

9 Delicious Superfoods You Need in Your Diet

9 delicious superfoods you definitely need to incorporate into your diet.

Making sure your family (and you!) get all the nutrition you need can be challenging. From picky eaters to the enticements of junk food to simply not having enough hours in the day to create gourmet meals from scratch, it’s a wonder any of us eat healthy.

That’s why superfoods are so fabulous. They pack a whole lot of nutrition into very small servings, making them easy to add to the things you’re probably already eating – that, or a quick healthy breakfast, snack, or desert, like a smoothie.


Smoothies are quick to make, especially if you prep frozen fruit and other ingredients ahead of time. You can make them suit any discerning palate. And the best part? They’re the perfect place to add a superfood or two.

This helpful infographic introduces 9 superfoods, what makes them so super, and types of smoothies they taste great in. Fast, tasty nutrition has never been so easy!

9 Delicious superfoods you need to incorporate into Your diet

Infographic by Quill


One more superfood I always (and I mean always) add to my smoothies – linseed.

Do you drink smoothies? And what superfoods do you use or would like to try? 🙂

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