Fitness With Your Dog

Fitness With Your Dog

Fitness time. With a dog. I teamed up with PuppySpot to share their expert tips with you. If you are a fitness enthusiast and also a dog owner (or are looking to buy a puppy), you may find this lovely infographic helpful.

Why do I publish this on my blog since I don’t have a dog myself? Because I love dogs (so does my child 😀 ) and if any owners of doggies pop up here, I’d love them to see this post. Besides, look at this buddy below. So cute! A real friend. I hope my boy will have one soon, but that’s another question.

Dogs are friends in life, of the most loyal kind. And your fitness fellows, too? Sure thing.

Fitness With Your Dog Infographic


Keep fit and have fun together with your dog. 🙂

Happy Workout!

Marina xxx