Best Juicers 2017

Best Juicers 2017

You love fresh juices but you haven’t bought your own juicer yet? Or you would like to make juicing part of your healthy diet? Then, this article by ReviewsBee may help you decide which juicer would be best for you. 

There are so many juicing machines to choose from that the purchasing process can be very frustrating. You need to determine the size, usage and kind of machine you want before you even starting looking at the more confusing details.

It is much easier to bend the ear of a friend who uses one or whatever your exercise instructor recommends, but will it be the right juicer for you? Once you know what basic functions you desire, you will need to discover if the added features are worth investing in. Do you need one that has a food processor in it if you already own one? Do you need a homogenising feature if you don’t have children or the desire to ever use one?

We at ReviewsBee understand your dilemma of the good use of your time vs. the proper information you need to make the best choice. Let our Top Ten list guide you to the perfect selection for your lifestyle.


Centrifugal Juicer

There are two main ways for juicers to obtain the “nectar” from fruits and vegetables.  The first one is by “centrifugal force”. The word originates from Latin and means to “flee from the center”. Think of when you use a salad spinner and the lettuce moves away from the middle.

The high-speed spinning action of this upright juicer pushes the food to the bottom where the “sharp teeth” are located. They grind the food while it is spinning, allowing the pulp and juice to be separated into different chambers of the juicer. After going through a mesh-like filter, the juice is released by a spigot, controlled by the user.

This is the kind of juicer that you are probably most familiar with from seeing them in your stores or advertised on television. In the majority of cases, this type of juicer is much more affordable than its counterpart. The most inexpensive centrifugal juicer starts at about $40, with an average of $100 to $150 for a quality model. You may see some products priced as much as $500, but be sure that you need all that the pricey model offers.

Realize that the centrifugal juicer is best used on fruits and vegetables ranging from hard to soft. It doesn’t work as well on leafy greens such as spinach or kale, regardless of the price. If you wish to add these to your juicer you may wish to look at a masticating juicer instead. Although pricier, it can handle them better.

Masticating Juicer

A masticating juicer extracts the juice from food in a very different way than the centrifugal juicer. First of all, the action is much slower, yet just as efficient.  Secondly, there is no spinning whatsoever. The word “masticate” means to grind, knead or chew food until it resembles a pulp-like substance. What is removed by this type of grinding is the juice or liquid, such as when we chew our food.

These models are usually designed to be horizontal with a long tube extending out of a motorized base. Fruits and vegetables, cut into pieces, are fed into the tube to be crushed. An auger, a device that looks a bit like a drill, rotates and screws into the food through the tube and pulls out the pulp. This leaves the juice behind to be strained and collected through a wire mesh.

This slower process extracts more fiber, vitamins, enzymes and small amounts of minerals from the food. You can feed leafy green vegetables into it and they can easily be squeezed and crushed to extract their liquid. The pulp that is left behind tends to be far dryer than what is seen after using a centrifugal juicer, leaving one to believe that more juice has been effectively extracted.

These types of juicers start at about $250 and can be priced at over $500. They do cost more than the other centrifugal juicer but can process more varieties of fruits and vegetables and more nutrients from them. It would be good to know what kinds of foods you will be putting in your juicer before you purchase one.


Ease of use

Trust us, you want a juicer that is easy to use. The more features it has, means there are more parts to assemble and clean. If you want just a juicer and not every other small appliance application as well, stay focused on simplicity. Time-saving features such as a large feeding tube will cut down on the amount of chopping you have to do before using your juicer. A large disposal spout has less chance of getting clogged. If you wish to use your juicer every day, stick to one that you will look forward to using because it is not a difficult chore to do so.

Noise Level

The noise level of your juicer will be more important after you purchase it. Suddenly, you will wish you had a quiet model so as not to wake your family or a baby from their nap. Some units are quite noisy and even your neighbors in the next door apartment can hear it. If you tend to use a loud juicer early in the morning, you will not have happy neighbors.

High-speed centrifugal juicers are naturally the loudest. The slower, masticating models can be much quieter and allow you to continue your conversation or watch your favorite television program while using your juicer.


Only you can determine the size of unit you will need. If you are a single person, a smaller model will be just fine for you. If you have several family members who will also be using the juicer, a larger product can create more juice volume at one time. Make sure you know how much counter or cupboard space you can designate for this appliance. A bulky model may not get used as much because of the awkwardness of the space where you will be using or storing it. It is imperative you know your volume and space requirements.


The power of your juicer needs to be in accordance with the volume output and the type of foods you put into it. Only the most powerful juicers can extract the juice from leafy greens such as kale and spinach. Even then, you want a model that has a minimum of 400 watts of power to get every last drop of juice. The harder fruits and vegetables will need the same. It is obvious that it also takes more power to create juice for a family of four or more at the same time than it would take for a single person.


You definitely will want a juicer model that is easy to clean. The importance of this is that you will keep it clean and use it daily. The more difficult the job, the more you will avoid using the juicer altogether. The easier of the two is the masticating juicer. It has fewer parts involved in the juice extraction and therefore has less to wash, including not having to clean the main body.

If you are set on purchasing a centrifugal juicer, know that the better the unit, the easier it is to clean because they have been designed that way. There are more parts used in the juicing process and this all adds up to more cleaning time.

Juicing Capabilities

When it comes to the capabilities of the various juicers, there is much to consider. The most basic models will give you a good juice yield and pulp level. It should be able to do both soft and hard produce. Some expensive models have froth separators that can do whole apples and have thermal sensors.

Control dials can support multiple speeds, auto-reverse systems and even anti-jamming systems. Some of these features may seem over the top, but for juice aficionados who want more than just “fresh-squeezed orange juice”, they are a dream come true. Being able to create the variety of juice recipes is within your reach with the right juicer.


There are a variety of accessories that accompany some models of juice machines. Determine which ones are best for your everyday use before you spend the extra money. Two of the definite accessories you want are a juice jug and a cleaning brush that is designed to work well on the pulp.

A soft fruit attachment is also desirable for almost any user. The homogenizer feature is good for making baby food. Only get the pasta nozzles if you will really use them. A food processor that can grind coffee beans, as well as chopping and mincing capabilities is worthwhile to lessen your use of other kitchen utensils or appliances before juicing.


Not all juicers are equipped with a safety switch, but they should be. Most safety hazards of using a juicer are the responsibility of the user, but some natural dangers do exist. Any blades or “grinders” are sure to be sharp and must be used with an appropriate tool, not one’s hand.

The placement of the juicer is important so that there is enough room to move it if necessary when dropping in pieces of fruits or vegetables. Users must use caution at all times since this product is designed to chop, crush and squeeze food for its juice. A safety switch is necessary to prevent accidents with the product. Don’t purchase a model without it!


A warranty is a necessary evil these days. You may not want to pay extra for one, but you do want a model that has some sort of warranty.  We have all bought products that have stopped working in a short amount of time, contrary to our needs. A good warranty will protect you from minor factory defects and lack of quality in assembly.

As with many products, the costlier brands offer the better or even a “lifetime” warranty. A cheaper model may not offer one at all. If you have just started on the “juicing craze” and might not stick with it, some less expensive models do offer limited warranties on certain parts.

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After an in-depth research of the best juicers out there, we were able to select these ten as our top choices. Peruse our list to begin making your selection.

Go to ReviewsBee website to read more and find everything you need to know about the 10 Best Juicers. You can get more information about each one of the juicers, consider their pros and cons, check prices and ratings. 

Thank you for reading. 

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