Squishy Number Learning

Guest Post – Squishy Number Learning

Squishy number learning is a fun counting activity to do at home, ideal for pre-school kids. Kindly provided by Education.com.

Combine fun sensory play with early number awareness in a squishy baggie project. A zippered sandwich bag and some hair gel are enough to get you started. Your child will have so much fun squishing everything around that they won’t mind all the number learning that’ll be taking place. It’s a fantastic way to help your child exercise their math skills!

What You Need: 

  • Zippered sandwich bag
  • Hair gel
  • Blue or green food colouring
  • 10 pony beads or other small objects (un-popped popcorn, dry beans, etc)
  • Blue masking tape

Squishy Number Learning

What You Do:

  1. While you hold the zippered bag, have your young learner squeeze hair gel into the bag. Don’t worry about filling it or air bubbles, but add enough gel to create a solid layer.
  2. Ask your child to hold the bag while you add a drop of food colouring.
  3. Seal the bag and let your child squish and squeeze until the gel and dye are mixed.
  4. Help your child count out 10 pony beads (popcorn kernels or dried beans). Unzip the bag and drop them into the gel. Reseal the bag.
  5. Encourage your child to squish the gel and beads around inside the bag. After they’ve done this for a while, use a strip of tape down the middle to divide the bag.
  6. Hang the bag from a window pane using another strip of tape.
  7. Can your child divide the beads so there are five on each side of the tape? Have them do this several times throughout the day.

Expand on this by adding another piece of tape to divide the bag into quarters. Can your child divide the beads into four equal groups? Or, you can add 10 beads of a second colour. Challenge them to divide the beads so that there are five of each colour on either side of the tape.

Authors: Education.com team