Best activity Trackers 2017

Best Activity Trackers 2017

Fitness trackers have become a necessity to everyone who likes being active. Exercise, running, swimming… Whatever you do to keep fit and feel happy, you might have considered buying this gadget at some point. Or perhaps, you have already got one.

I still haven’t purchased my activity tracker, to be honest with you, and use a mobile app instead – Sports Tracker which is pretty awesome. But I think a wristband or a smaller device would be a great deal, as having my phone with me at all times is not always an option.

OK, time to share something useful with you. ReviewsBee is a platform that creates top-10 lists based on a deep algorithm research. Its team has prepared a list of the top 10 activity trackers for this year. Also, they were most kind to provide me with an infographic to share with you. It will give you a flavour of what activity trackers are and how they can help you enjoy physical activity.

If you need some extra fitness motivation and self-confidence, a tracker may be a good investment. Because what could be more motivating than seeing your own progress?

Activity trackers infographic

Here is how the ReviewsBee article begins:

To start with, let’s define the nature of fitness trackers. An activity tracker, also known as a fitness tracker, is a device designed for monitoring and tracking all kinds of data as it refers to fitness.  This includes the distance that you have run or walked, the number of calories consumed, heart rate and sleep quality. Of course, this innovative technology sounds like a great must-have item.

However, among all the other features that you should consider when buying a fitness tracker, the most important and basic one is what your individual goals are, or why you want to use a fitness tracker. These reasons might vary from person to person.

Some people who are just starting any kind of physical exercises need an activity tracker with a simple design such as showing them the number of steps taken and calories burned. Swimmers should make sure their trackers are waterproof and professional athletes need fitness trackers with advanced features. This list can be continued for a while, but the point is, to show you what the first step in purchasing an activity tracker should be. Each different group of users will have their own various needs.

Read the whole piece here and find out more about the best activity trackers for 2017. I think I’m really close to deciding which one I prefer.

Have you made your choice yet? 😉

Marina xxx


*I’d like to thank ReviewsBee for creating this infographic exclusively for my blog.* 

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  1. Esther Lackie says:

    I use Fitbit charge HR… I find it quite simple, and has served me for almost two years now without a hitch… good luck with your decision 😉

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