The Magic and Beauty of Postcards

A woman’s world is full of beauty. We women are truly blessed because of our subtle sense of charm and magic. From a glamorous wedding dress to a cheap teacup you have just bought from a charity shop – everything could be beautiful and beauty is everywhere. Other examples? The list could be endless but what about postcards or special occasion invitations?

When I came to London, one of the things that amazed me (among many other things, of course) was the abundance of postcard shops and I don’t mean the souvenir shops for tourists. It was obvious that the British had preserved the good old tradition of sending and receiving postcards. To a great extent, this has been lost in my own country and replaced by text messages, social media posts, etc. Impersonal and not so touching, don’t you think? What has happened to the magic of a sealed envelope that is to be opened with excitement?

The magic and beauty of postcards

Well, times have changed. The digital cannot be fully rejected or escaped. Yet, it could be turned into something pretty, too. I love the popularity of postcards in the UK and I always send some to my family and friends in Bulgaria, especially at Christmas time.

But I have come across a wonderful new way to make things even more special – Paperless Post. From wedding invitations to greetings and holiday cards, digital or paper, you can add flavour to the cards you send. Your text, your own style. Your cards and invitations will look and sound just the way you want them.

With Paperless Post you decide what messages to convey and how. It helps you to create unique personalised postcards that will resonate best to your recipients. Choose the design (you’ve got plenty of options to choose from), customise, make it perfect, send it online all around the world. I’ve already tried out several products, writing my own words and adding photos, and it’s lovely.

No matter if you need a corporate event invitation or a birthday card, Paperless Post gives you the freedom to tailor it your way and show deference to your friends, family, colleagues or business partners.

Sometimes, it’s simply difficult to send paper messages. Nevertheless, even if they need to be digital, you can still send something personal and created specially for someone. This is how the magic of postcards returns back to the present. So I believe you will love Paperless Post as it offers a huge range of lovely designs and easy-to-use online tools to customise your stationery, paper (if in the US) or online (for the rest of the world).

As a matter of fact, Paperless Post has partnered with several world-famous designers and lifestyle brands, including kate spade new york, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Rifle Paper Co., and has delivered over 85 million cards to date. By the way, I am totally in love with the collection by Oscar de la Renta – fabulous, mesmerising, luxurious.

The magic and beauty of postcards_Paperless Post

Oscar de la Renta Invitation, kate spade new york Christmas card; Image source: Paperless Post

And if you wonder what I would choose, the answer is Christmas cards. I know Christmas is not coming soon (to my regret) but when the time approaches I am thinking of sending more special cards to my family. This year the Christmas cards will look differently, they will be cute and personal.

What else? I guess it’s time to send a special ‘Thank you’ to my beloved man and thank him for all his love and patience.

Certainly, I will try out more of Paperless Post in the meantime. There is so much beauty on its website. And a woman’s world is full of beauty… 🙂

Marina xxx

*This is a collaborative post.*