Wellbeing and DNA Testing

Are you interested in wellbeing and improving your health? Me too… But what can we do about it? This blog post is meant to give you a slightly different perspective on the concept of healthy living.

It’s not just healthy eating that matters. It’s about learning more about your own body. Do I know my body, do I know what it actually needs? Maybe not. I try to eat and do what feels best, but is it enough? How to understand my body and mind better and get an expert advice on my nutrition and activity needs? Here is the answer you may have been searching for – DNA testing by I am Y i am, the easy way to evaluate your wellbeing and set particular goals based on your uniqueness.

Wellbeing and DNA Testing IamYiam

We are all unique, aren’t we? So are our physiques and our emotional worlds. What could that mean? To me, it means that uniqueness and universal truths can’t be best friends. That trendy weight-loss plan might not work for me; it simply isn’t designed for me. Even if it is, what do they evaluate about me? Surely, general characteristics like weight, age, gender and some lifestyle factors can’t write the equation. But DNA doesn’t lie and I am Y i am have got you covered.

What does I am Y i am test? In brief, the company “analyses 41 genetic parameters to provide a profile of your DNA-based weaknesses and strengths across four categories – diet, nutrients, fitness and health.” It’s pretty simple – you order a DNA test (by the way, hurry up as now it’s better than half price) and get a box; then a few drops of your saliva are tested. Register your kit, create an online account and set your goals while waiting for the results. You’ll be able to see your results in a pie chart for each category:

DNA Testing Results DietDNA Testing Results Nutrients

DNA Testing Results HealthDNA Testing Results Fitness

Next, you receive a personalised plan based on thousands of scientific research papers. You are ready to go. You have set your wellbeing goals and now your i am Y i am plan will help you achieve them.

Wellbeing and DNA Testing IamYiam

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, why not try the free wellbeing questionnaire by i am Y i am? It’s super exciting (giving honest answers about myself and my lifestyle is always fun). More importantly, the questionnaire allows you to set your health goals and get personal suggestions how to achieve them.

For example, my health goal is to ‘Increase Energy’ (no surprise here, I am a mummy after all :D). My results are shown in easy-to-read charts and diagrams and include things like happiness index, health, brain power and social life. I also have a health plan. In terms of activities, I should turn to practices that calm the mind and release stress. The 3 recommended practices for me are: Hatha Yoga (Yes, Yes, Yes!), Mindfulness Meditation and Tai Chi. As for nutrition, my 3 most required nutrients are Magnesium, Iron and B-complex. The chart even shows the top 3 natural sources for each of the nutrients I need most. Brilliant, isn’t it? I love it. It’s really helpful and it’s completely free.

Wellbeing and DNA Testing IamYiam

So if you want a pinpoint information about your physique and a professional advice on your health and wellbeing based on your genetics, consider doing a DNA test. No universal rules that apply to everybody. It is your unique DNA that will help you discover what is best for you. And I am Y i am will help you get your DNA translated.

Is DNA testing what you’ve been looking for? It sounds like putting an end to the incessant attempts to improve our quality of life – lose weight, choose the right foods or sports activity, feel energetic and healthy or find emotional balance. It definitely sounds like the ultimate solution. Because so many questions regarding our overall health will be answered through a single test.

What are your health goals and what do you do to achieve them?

Marina xxx

*This is a collaborative post.*

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