Hello Again

Hello again, my dear readers!

This is not exactly a blog post – parenting, family, expat or whatsoever. Neither is it a recipe or book review. I just wanted to say ‘Hi again’ to all of you who happen to stop by and read my stuff. Thank you for that, I deeply appreciate it.

If you’ve been wondering where I have been for the last few weeks (and my tiny little ego hopes that some of you have been wondering lol), the answer is quite prosaic – I was at home, our new home. Yeap, we moved home last month. Huge heaps of belongings waiting for me to pack and unpack, organising things, etc., etc. You know how it is, pretty stressful. Even if your new home is not so far away from the previous one. At least, my boy didn’t have to change school. He loves being at that school with his friends, so we thought it would be better for him to keep going there for now.

Family, home, love

Apart from this, I decided to stay away from blogging for a while. I know, again. But before you start accusing me of being a mercurial mummy blogger (let’s not forget, I am a Gemini), I’ve got something in defence of my inactivity – two weeks with NO Internet connection. Mobile Internet doesn’t count. It’s limited, the phone’s display is small, it’s a real torture. Or if I have to put it in brief, I am old-fashioned and I prefer to write my blog posts (and do almost everything else, too) using a laptop. The only exception were the Social Media Blast posts which I tried to schedule and publish in time.

Now, I’m back but I can’t promise I’ll be super prolific this year. As a matter of fact, some more changes are on the way and I haven’t figured out how to cope with everything yet. The life of an expat mother is a challenge…

So, my dear readers, I don’t promise you’ll be seeing plenty of new content on Simply Marina on a regular basis (or would I prove myself wrong?). Still, I do hope we will continue to interact and have fun. Because blogging should be fun for both bloggers and readers. And this is simply me, Marina who doesn’t get overwhelmed with her blog.

I believe a more useful piece will come up next. This was just a ‘Hey, I’m back’ thing from a not so consistent blogger, i.e. a happy mama who also tries to run a blog. 🙂

Thank you for reading, lovely people!

Marina xxx

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  1. Andrea says:

    Do what you can, when you can. As long as you enjoy writing then that is the main thing. Anyway, you have a good excuse if you have been moving into a new home! Enjoy your new home. 🙂

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