Guest Post – Ultimate Guide to Baby Carriers

Mummies and Daddies, a baby post on the blog! As my boy is no longer a baby, this is not a blog post you would normally see on Simply Marina. But I hope it could help other parents or parents-to-be who stop by here. I’d like to thank Mark Anderson from for this useful piece. 

What do you think a Baby Carrier is?

Many people think it’s just a bag to carry babies. But there is a lot more to it.

There are various significant factors that pertain to it, which makes it special!

The most important, and often ignored, factors of a baby carrier are its safety and comfort features for the baby. When you choose a baby carrier, ensure that it is comfortable for the mother wearing it, as well as for the baby. The material used and carrying positions of the baby provided by the manufacturer would determine how comfortable you and your baby would be while using it.

Also, an important factor to keep in mind that your baby will be growing very quick. It is always better to find a carrier which is adjustable to support your growing child.  It is also important to ensure the straps and seat render proper support in a secured manner to your baby.

If you are looking for more in-depth information, then this infographic by 10elite will help you understand it in more detail.

Ultimate Guide to Baby Carriers Infographic