A Woman's World: Christmas is Magical

A Woman's World: Christmas is Magical

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Definitely. To me, Christmas has always been such a special time. As a child, I loved the spirit of Christmas so much. Now, I am an adult and a mother too, but my fondness of winter festivities has not changed.

What if I still believe in Santa? What if I still believe in magic? I know, it doesn’t sound rational for a grown-up to believe in Santa’s secret village, elves or flying sleighs. But it is Christmas, we are allowed to believe in anything good, in anything that could beat unkindness, hopelessness or misery.

And I want my child to believe. In Christmas. In Santa Claus. In the power of good. In the power of family and home. Christmas means happiness. It means thousands of precious family moments. This is how I want him to perceive this time of the year. If believing in magic is what it takes, so be it!

I wholeheartedly thank my mother for making Christmas perfect for us. Every single year, she would cook (and cook a lot!) the most delicious meals I have ever known in my life. She would buy presents, she would get up absurdly early in the mornings to roll out thin sheets of homemade pastry for hours and then, prepare a few trays of Bulgarian banitsa. She would make the house smell amazing with the warming scents of Christmas – typical Bulgarian dishes, goodies and tangerines. Oh, yes, oranges and tangerines! They smell like Christmas, Bulgarians know what I mean. Endless hours of work just to make us happy. And Dad would bring home a real fir-tree. I can clearly remember the sweet natural fragrance of resin at home.

Such a warm and cosy home it was. Now it is my turn to make the perfect Christmas for my family, to create memories for my child, to make his childhood at least half as beautiful as my own childhood was. To help him cherish his Christmases. To help him believe in Family. Our expat family who stick together wherever we go.

Because Christmas is magical. Christmas is the magic of family and love. That magic of being at home, with the most important people in the world. Christmas is not found in the mall, it is homemade. And I love it.

I am not a little girl anymore. That little girl who was impatiently waiting for her presents and all the Christmas treats. The girl who would love to have a walk beside her dad on a snowy winter day. Now, someone else is waiting and I am the one to do all the work. But it’s still marvellous, just in a different way. And I still believe in magic.

This is my world, the magical world of a woman who sees nothing wrong about a little hint of fairy-tale around Christmas.

Happy Christmas, my lovely readers! Enjoy the time with your families. Enjoy the magic…

Marina xxx

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