20 Shakespeare Children's Stories

William Shakespeare for kids. It already sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? I love British literature but honestly, Shakespeare has always frightened me a bit. I am a book lover but I have never been fond of the works of Shakespeare. Until Sweet Cherry Publishing kindly sent a precious collection to me: 20 Shakespeare Children’s Stories. The Complete Collection.


The Paperback Edition by Sweet Cherry Publishing 

Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, and The Tempest are not just plays, but immortal pieces of literature by one of the greatest playwrights to have ever lived, William Shakespeare. This series presents a thoughtful selection of twenty plays by Shakespeare, which have been suitably simplified, narrated and illustrated for young readers. 

The simple narrative style and unique illustrations will enthral children and help to develop and nurture their literary interest. 

That’s right, they are enthralling… for both a child and a grown-up.

Now, I have been rediscovering Shakespeare together with my boy. When I first opened the collection, I thought the books wouldn’t be of any interest to my son for at least a couple more years or so (he’s 4 and a half after all). Well, I was surprised to see him totally excited about them. Perhaps, the colours are the first thing to attract a child’s attention. The collection looks amazing – beautiful little jewels in a box. The books boast colourful covers with pretty pictures, and each book spine is a different colour, too. I love the shiny titles, they are a real touch of luxury.

Shakespeare Children's Stories_Sweet Cherry Publishing

Of course, it’s not just the appearance. My son pulled out one of the books (The Winter’s Tale was his first choice), opened it with his curious hands and exclaimed, “Mummy, let’s read it now. Please.” I’m not sure if his interest was stimulated by the illustrations within, but in any case, Mummy is always ready to read a new book. Bedtime came and he listened to the story in silence before he fell asleep. He couldn’t wait for the very end but his mummy continued reading. Because the story was so nice to read.

The narratives in the selection are adapted brilliantly so that kids could understand Shakespeare. I believe you would agree that his oeuvre is not the easiest to understand. Not only are the stories comprehensible, but they are also gripping and undoubtedly makes the perfect bedtime reading. As I said, my child is only 4 and even he enjoyed the book.

In my opinion, young readers who read independently would love the stories. Actually, every child could benefit from this priceless box of literary gems. The collection is suitable for different age groups – for the smaller ones who would listen to their parents’ reading and also for the students who can read the stories by themselves.

Shakespeare Children's Stories_Sweet Cherry Publishing

Fascinating, pleasantly illustrated, simple and easy-to-read, these Shakespeare stories for children will make your kids love the magical world of literature.

We will continue exploring the treasures in this magnificent selection of 20 Shakespeare Children’s Stories. There is a lot more to read, discover and enjoy.

And now that Christmas is just around the corner, doesn’t Shakespeare sound like a wonderful present for your kids? 🙂

Happy reading!

Marina xxx

*Disclosure: I ‘d like to thank Sweet Cherry Publishing for sending me a free copy of 20 Shakespeare Children’s Stories. The Complete Collection. All thoughts are my own.*