Guest Post – Christmas Calendars

Firstly, hello everyone. I am Rosy Hannah and this is a post I wanted to share involving the Christmas period.

Also, thank you to Marina for allowing me to do a guest post. I am very excited and I hope you all enjoy the post’s content!

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Christmas Calendars

So the countdown to Christmas has begun and my family still do the chocolate calendar from my sister and me (I know, it’s time to stop!). But this year I came up with another Christmas calendar idea that does not involve any chocolate but revolves around family and friends love.

Christmas Calendars_SimplyMarina blog

All you need is:

  • A jar
  • Paper & pen
  • Ideas

So the idea is that for each day you write out a note for the person that they then open and read.

Note ideas:

  • Feeling ideas: I love you, Be happy, Smile, Excited 1 sleep to go
  • Appearance ideas: You look wonderful, Wear your favourite thing
  • Command ideas: Go run, Make something, Do yoga, Relax, Put on a film; Treat yourself
  • Quote ideas: This can be any quote you like;
  • Joke idea: Any jokes the person would find funny;
  • Anything else you want!

I find that these are so much better than the chocolate calendar because they make you feel so happy! I know chocolate makes you happy too but that doesn’t last anywhere near as long as a lovely note from a friend or family.

So go on! Be creative and make someone smile. 🙂

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Rosy xxx




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