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It’s time for another book review on the blog. This time the genre is quite different from what I usually read. Have a look at my previous book reviews if you fancy. You’ll see that chick lit is not exactly my thing. Unless it is a good hilarious piece. And I think I have come across one – Follow me Home.

When writer Katie Kendall moves to LA to turn her best-selling novel into a film, she is pretty sure it should be the happiest time of her life. But with an unsupportive husband who suddenly files for divorce, the paparazzi assuming she’s having a fling with the leading actor, and her friends left miles away in her old hometown, she begins to think she’s made a big mistake. Can her new crowd of friends help her through these times? And could those paparazzi snappers have a point about that leading actor…? This witty romantic comedic debut novel by Jen Benjamin is a tour de force that will have you coming home to it again and again.

It sounds like chick lit, doesn’t it? Just another women’s fiction story for you to put in your beach bag? Honestly, I was quite sceptical before I started reading it. Wrong. I opened it and I was hooked. The first page was enough for me to realise that this book would be an excellent read. Not just a beach book. Not a dull chick lit thing, but something deeper.

The novel opens powerfully. The author’s writing style grabs you, her subtle sense of humour captivates you. You will see from the very first page that a talented writer has worked here. Comedy demands talent, no doubt. There is one more thing you can see right from the beginning – comedy and profundity will interweave. And the outcome is brilliant, I promise you.

Katie, the main heroine, is funny and intelligent at the same time, well aware of her weirdness but often undervaluing her personal strengths. That makes her a really adorable personage – a confused young woman whose mind is a total mess, a bestselling author who refuses to believe she is now popular, a divorcee who fervently tries to deny the possibility of new love.

Love? Yes, there is love in the novel and a hint of sentimentality at times, but I would say it’s cute and balanced rather than irritating. Because it is all well combined into a mixture of humour, the amusing voice of a writer (I love when the main character is a writer), new friendships, Hollywood affairs without too much luxury and glamour, a whirlwind of emotions, and a number of funny situations.

Follow Me Home is a pleasant read. It’s not a long book and you will finish it quickly. Actually, it will make you finish it quickly because it is full of charm. A chick lit piece? Maybe. But not deprived of depth. Jen Benjamin questions the feminine by examining the woman’s mind and the complexity of her emotions and sensibility. And she does it brilliantly for she uses a fascinating approach – discussing serious matters through humour and the self-irony of her heroine.

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest merits of the novel – a piece with no pretentiousness and yet so thought-provoking. Sophistication behind the ordinary, ordinariness behind the flashlights, frenzied days of filmmaking and quiet evenings on the couch, disappointment and happiness, love and perplexity, splendour left outside, and that precious sense of home…

Beautifully written, sharp and fresh, Follow Me Home is a book I would highly recommend. If you like the idea of a light comedic novel with a pinch of seriousness on every page, get your copy and give it a go.

A little clue? The meaning of the title is far deeper than it looks. These three words are truly special to the main characters. Do you want to find out why?

You can buy your copy of Follow Me Home on Amazon.

Happy reading! 🙂

Marina xxx

*Disclosure: A copy of this book was sent to me in exchange for an honest book review. All thoughts are my own.* 

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