My Summer Break from Blogging

Summer is at its height, let’s slow down a little bit. The next couple of weeks, we are going on holiday and I am thinking of having a little break from blogging. I will miss my humble blog but still, I need to step back for a while.

My Summer Break from Blogging

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I really enjoy blogging, it’s undoubtedly addictive and it’s so nice to be in touch with other fellow bloggers (if you wish, read my interview on Debbie’s lovely blog My Random Musings). But it is a time-consuming everyday work and one connected with too much use of modern technology. I have been spending a lot of time writing, reading, searching for information on the Internet, learning how to blog, being social on different social platforms (most of them I was so tenaciously trying to avoid in the past), working on the visual side of my blog (not that I have managed to improve a thing 😀 )…

I feel it’s time to have a break from all this. New technologies make me feel so tired sometimes. I know they have grabbed me tight. I waste precious time checking my social network pages, my blog, my e-mails, etc., realising that nothing significant has happened there, and I can’t help it. I promise it’s enough for the day and still, I open my Twitter account ‘just one last time’ before I go to bed.

It looks like a terrible madness and I don’t like it. My eyes are tired, my brain refuses to function, I already have a headache. Nevertheless, I’m still there, replying to comments or reading other bloggers’ posts. I have considered the idea of switching off the Internet device for a day or two, but I have never had the guts to do it. 🙂

Now, the time has come. Two weeks with (almost) no Internet connection. I’ll do my best to reduce it to the absolute minimum. There will be me, my family, the sun, and some good reads. No more blogging unless something highly important turns up. I know, it sounds like utopia but I must give it a try. Computers and phones and this permanent abundance of Wi-Fi, mobile Internet and so on have taken full control over us. No, this can’t be. I definitely want to feel the way I used to feel 10 or 15 years ago when there was no such obsession for technologies and life was simpler and real.

My Summer Break from Blogging, Greece

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I can’t wait for the day we are heading to beautiful Greece and one of its magnificent islands. I will take full advantage of our stay there, I promise. I will devote a hundred percent of the time to my other half and our little boy. They deserve it.

Maybe, it will be a good way to refuel and top myself up, and hopefully, get more inspiration. Maybe, my blog also wants me away for some time. Who knows, we may have a more prolific relationship afterwards?

Bye bye, non-stop Internet connection. I love you but now I am having a break from you. I will still turn you on occasionally, but I will deliberately have you switched off most of the time. My men need me, and I need them more than I need you. Oh, and a pile of wonderful books awaits me, too.

Enjoy your holidays, lovely people! 🙂

Marina xxx

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  1. Realweegiemidget says:

    Great post – totally understand the one wee check at Twitter before you leave for bed, it is all as you say. Have a good break and enjoy your men and the sun x

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