The Dangerous 4. 'Mummy, I Am a Big Boy'

In Motherhood Means Fears Too I reveal my own thoughts as a parent. Now, I’ll try to dip into the mind of my four-year-old boy. Not that I remember what it feels like to be at the age of 4. I guess, most of the time he thinks his father and I don’t understand a thing about his world. Maybe, he is right. Two boring adults who could see a mischief or life-threatening situation in everything.

The Dangerous 4. "Mummy, I Am a Big Boy"

So much the worse for them both! I can’t help wondering why on earth mum and dad are so anxious, irritated, or sincerely terrified. Every day! There, I’m just having fun, and they are scolding me as if I have caused a global catastrophe. Come on, parents! I haven’t made the roof come tumbling down on our heads. Why are you so angry with me?    

Let’s see what I usually do. Some completely ordinary stuff I entertain myself with, nothing to make a fuss about. Besides, I’m 4 already! Please, don’t treat me as a baby anymore. I am old enough to do all these things by myself, and trust me, I know what I am doing (aren’t I?).

  1. I can turn on the iron and even use it for one of my T-shirts. Under no supervision, mum! You can do it, so do I. I am not a baby, remember? Wow, but why has your face turned so pale? I know what to do with a hot iron, I am a big boy.
  2. I can cut off this raw carrot myself. It’s not yielding but I’ll make it. Well, I’ll have to take a real knife to this end. Should I ask for permission since nothing bad will happen, for sure? I am four after all. Oh, I can’t do that! Because mummy has put all the cutlery out of my reach! 🙁 
  3. No knives, I got it. Then I can use the scissors without being disturbed? Another exciting moment I was thinking of keeping to myself, and now I have to share it with my watchful mother. My enthusiasm has just evaporated.
  4. Smartphones are so much fun. I’ll take daddy’s phone this time. It’s amazing how good at new technologies I am. Oops, I’ve just deleted all my father’s photos. I guess, it’s not a big deal. I was about to add new ones anyway. How about some 10-20 pics of the walls? An hour later, I still don’t get why dad is so upset.
  5. A toilet bleach? Conveniently left in a cupboard they have forgotten to lock? Perfect! I thought I could help mummy clean around. Hmm, this bottle is so hard to open but I finally did it. Now, let’s generously pour it over. There! I know mummy will be so proud of me. What?! Why isn’t she happy at all? Next time, I’ll do it right, I promise. Now, I’ll have to stand the sermon…
  6. It’s hot in here. I’ll open the window. I know, I am on the second floor but am I not allowed to lean out a little bit? No? Sometimes, my parents’ rules are so dull and restrictive, and I am four already!
  7. OK, let’s place this steak on the hot barbecue. What? Another firm NO? Come on, guys! When will you start treating me as one of you? I just wanted to be like Daddy. I can operate with his phone. Why shouldn’t I grill some meat, then? It seems much easier than playing with the phone’s settings.
  8. Someone’s ringing. No problem, I’m on my way to answer it. Am I not allowed to open the door alone? Once more, I am astounded by your rules. What’s wrong with that since I’m tall enough to reach the lock?
  9. Mummy and I hold hands all the way while outside. But this time, there are no cars approaching. Shall I cross the street by myself? Mum’s hand is tightening. I suppose, this means NO. Again.
  10. I have just spilt a glass of water on mummy’s book. This time, there is no need to tell me a word. I know this is bad, very bad. I’d better have ruined one of her dresses, she would easily forgive me. But a book…

Yeah, 4 is a dangerous age. My son finds it exciting, I find it scary. He believes he could cope with anything while his poor mother is totally terrified by his brave ideas.

Do you have children at that age? How do you manage the everyday challenges? 🙂

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18 thoughts on “The Dangerous 4. 'Mummy, I Am a Big Boy'

  1. Leah Miller says:

    So so true Marina, it is a wonderful but seriously scary/nerve wracking time! Xx

    • marinailieva says:

      I truly admire you and all mummies of twins. I don’t know how I could do it if I had two little criminals at home. 😀 Thank you for reading. xxx

  2. Coombe Mill says:

    A great look through the eyes of a child, they must just thing us parents are so mean half the time! One day he will look back and understand.

  3. mackenzieglanville says:

    oh my gosh they do freak us out don’t they!!! Mine are all past age 4 now, my youngest is 6 and yes still freaking me out, and as I write this he goes running down the stairs like a maniac!!! #TwinklTuesday

  4. jeremy@thirstydaddy says:

    Sounds very familiar. From an early age, mine always wanted to “do it myself”. A lot of times that meant grabbing chairs or stacking objects to get to things that were supposed to be out of her reach #twinklytuesday

  5. motherhoodtherealdeal says:

    Eeks! My daughter is three and we are getting A LOT of this. I don’t want to be a party pooper and say no all the time but my heart has been living in my mouth a lot lately!!! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xx

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