Not These Toys Again

Dear friends, this is the list of toys a mother of a boy wishes you wouldn’t give to her child. OK, not any mother, simply me. Don’t get me wrong. I really don’t want to hurt you and I am so happy when my son receives presents, especially when I see he loves them. But NOT these. Not anymore. Please.

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Attention! My top 5 list spans 4 years. It may be getting bigger as my child grows up. 🙂

  1. Cuddly toys.

Teddy bears, bunnies, doggies… Please, repress the urge to grab the biggest possible in the toy shop and give it to my few-month-old. They are so cute, I know. And a baby’s room looks so beautiful with these buddies spread all around. Well, I’m afraid they serve no other purpose. My child is a baby, remember? So how is he supposed to play with a teddy bear twice bigger in size than himself? And this is not all. Let’s think pragmatically, they heartily welcome all the dust I’m so desperate to get rid of in my futile efforts to keep it all clean for my newborn.

  1. Cot toys.

Cute and pretty, they swirl and sway, and they produce such tender sounds. Ideal for bedtime and the perfect present for a baby. It can’t be otherwise, right? Mothers are so happy to have this beauty for their babies. Sorry, but I must disappoint you again. This thing is so bloody distracting. Please, spare the exhausted mummy whose only wish now is to see her baby fallen asleep as soon as possible. In addition, it’s another obstacle she has to get over in order to lay her sweetie in the cot. It’s probably great fun while the baby is awake. However, I wouldn’t stand it, if permanently attached there. A couple of days and our cot toy ended up in the most inaccessible cupboard I could find.

  1. Interactive toys.

What’s so interactive about them? Four years have passed and I haven’t found the answer yet. Little infants are not as interested in these as you may believe. In fact, my son didn’t pay them much attention until he turned two or so. Songs, numbers, alphabet, animals, whatever… Interactive toys are meant to educate and this is awesome. The bad news is that toddlers usually don’t get the idea. It’s all about pressing buttons, chaotically… and in most cases, noisy, irritably noisy.

  1. Musical toys.

Did I say noise? OK, one or two years of incessant noise at home is fine. But, guys, would you bear if for years, all the time? You either don’t have your own kids yet, or you have forgotten what it feels like. So I’m begging you, no more musical firetrucks (My Gosh, they can be noisier than the real ones!), police cars, or singing animals. I remember a sweet blue elephant that my son received on his first birthday. If you were imprudent enough to press a button on it, you had to listen to its whole repertoire for about half an hour. And no, there was no OFF button! The sound still in my ears.


  1. Small construction toys.

You have given up the four groups from above and believe me, I highly appreciate it. Now, you think my son is old enough to play with tiny little bricks and parts. I guess this is because you have never stumbled on these sharp-edged evils. Barefoot! Not to mention how many construction sets fade into oblivion because the vacuum cleaner has been the first to find their dispersed parts. Yes, my boy loves construction games and Lego but wait a little bit more before you buy him another 4+ year box. For goodness’ sake, who has invented these miniature figures? Someone with a very weird sense of humour, I suppose. Don’t worry, my boy, I’ll take my tweezers. There, now we can play. Seriously, no more of these until my son begins putting them back in the boxes himself. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for this time to come. Trust me, mothers don’t enjoy picking up tiny toys from all over the house, all day long.

To conclude optimistically, there is one thing you are most welcomed to make as a present, every time, always – BOOKS. 🙂

Now, I have to go and tidy up a little bit. And I do hope you are not too mad with me. 🙂


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  1. Ceri says:

    ha ha.. I loved this post. I have a really annoying tummy time pillow that is just now running out of batteries. I’m going to celebrate big time when that thing dies x

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