Good + Simple by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley

Healthy food. Cooking. Book. Now, let’s put all these words together. What we have is Good + Simple by the Hemsley sisters, the must-have in your kitchen. Believe me, you just need this book! Totally inspiring, beautiful, full of colours and magnificent recipes, and so healthy! It was a gift from a friend and I fell in love instantly. I literally love it.


Hardcover by Ebury Press

As you already know, I have some favourite chefs and I’ll be entirely honest, I have never heard of Hemsley & Hemsley before. Until recently. And oh God, why haven’t I found them earlier?! Their philosophy, their approach to food and wellness, everything in Good + Simple is SO me! The moment I opened it, I knew it was written for me. And the irony is that I haven’t even found it myself.


But why do I think it’s also written for you? Because it is a perfect choice if you:

  • want to eat clean and healthy but you don’t have hours to spend preparing your meals;
  • enjoy cooking (like me) but you are run out of ideas and need some inspiration;
  • hate cooking and think it’s time to change that;
  • are passionate about healthy ingredients but sometimes you wonder what to do with them;
  • like being in a possession of luxurious cookbooks that not only look good but are also worth your money. Good + Simple is definitely worth every penny.


140 easy-to-follow recipes, mouthwatering images and the beauty of natural ingredients all over the pages. But this is not all. You will find valuable advice, planning-ahead tips, and useful information about plenty of healthy products. Even if you consider yourself to be the superstar in your kitchen (OK, this is me, too 🙂 ), there is a lot more to learn from Jasmine and Melissa.


See how they describe themselves, ‘We don’t have your typical ‘Cordon Bleu’ education or any fancy knife skills to speak of – instead we’re home cooks with an interest in food that makes us feel our best.’ Good digestion is the pivot of the Hemsley & Hemsley philosophy and this is why I am so fascinated by these two cute ladies. You could find thousands of healthy recipes out there, and tons of diet plans and suggestions how to lose weight. But how often do we talk about digestion and do we actually take care of our gut health (take a look at Dr. Alejandro Junger’s bestseller Clean Gut)? Aren’t we more concentrated on calories, amounts of carbs, fats, and so on? With other words, it’s all reduced to mere numbers when it is health to think about first. One of the H+H principles is ‘Forget calories, think nutrients’. You can read the other 14 principles in Good + Simple. They may give you the healthy living motivation you have been looking for.


As for the recipes, they are undoubtedly for every taste – from breakfast and sandwiches to desserts and drinks, and of course, lots of options for vegetarians and vegans. Easy, quick and absolutely tempting. What is more, you are encouraged to experiment and modify in accordance with your dietary needs and wishes. By the way, I always do it. Following a recipe to the letter is not my thing, except for desserts, of course. Besides, cooking is about experimenting, isn’t it? Jasmine and Melissa will show you how simple this could be.


So if you decide to buy Good + Simple, please read it all the way through. It’s not an ordinary compilation of good recipes, it is a really nice read. I was astonished to discover the profoundness behind the cooking tips. Because it is a philosophy, the Hemsley and Hemsley philosophy.


How about their first book, The Art of Eating Well? Hmm, I think I must have it, too.

Happy reading! And happy cooking! 🙂

Marina xxx


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