The Beauty of Home Fitness


The Beauty of Home Fitness

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Home fitness could be the perfect alternative for busy mothers and women. I have already told you about my fitness experience so far, quite short and modest and yet the beginning of a new lifestyle. Now I’ll share a bit more, but please keep in mind, I’m not a professional and don’t have the slightest pretensions of being good at sports. I just have fun. So here is what this post will be about – why I think home exercising is so convenient and probably as effective as going to the gym (depending on what you strive for), the equipment and how to stay motivated.

1. Why home fitness?

It’s easy, comfortable and time-saving. You can adjust your routine around your other commitments, which literally means you can do it anytime. I know, morning workouts before breakfast are said to be the best choice. But should I quit the whole thing just because mornings rarely happen to be my time for fitness? And frankly, I feel my body so stiff and I get so hungry that I don’t enjoy such workouts at all. I do it because I like it, not because I have to. I hate when people go to the gym with the only intention of having their beach bodies ready.

Home workouts have other merits as well. I can be on the mat while my son is playing around (well, watching Masha and the Bear for half an hour is also acceptable 🙂 ). No bad-weather excuses. Exercises at home are possible even if the Storm Katie is hitting outside. Moreover, one could choose from so many fitness instructors and their videos on the web (or choose one, as I did). I can’t go to California, but I can have a home class with Christine Khuri in London. How about the money? No fees, no contracts, no special outfit. Buy some equipment and you’re done.

2. The equipment.

I love this part because all my equipment could be heaped up in a corner. I don’t need expensive fitness machines and a lot of space. I used to have a cross trainer. At first, I was really excited, then it became so painfully boring that in the end, it turned into another object to remove the dust from. I admit, being active was not crucial for me at the time. However, even today I find such home equipment rather useless and I wouldn’t buy it a second time. Why not? Because I’ll still have to combine it with other movements anyway. Now, all I need is a mat, a set of weights, resistance bands and my body weight. As simple as that. Put these in a bag and your gym is everywhere.


Weights by Fitness-Mad, Resistance loop bands by Starwoodsports, Fitness mat by Lonsdale

3. Motivation.

Stop being afraid of fitness and you’ll see its beauty. Stop looking at all those fitness models’ pictures on the Internet while sighing, “I’ll never have such a sculpted body.” So what? I’ll never have it either. But I’ll live in a body I feel comfortable in and I’ll be proud of my little progress. If that makes sense to you, then unroll your mat (or buy one) and play a GymRa video on YouTube. You know I’d recommend the Californian lady from above; however, you could try Monica’s Pilates first, she is quite charming too. I began with Yoga and Pilates, Christine’s fitness came at a later stage. Going to the gym or group classes has never lasted long and, I guess, this is the reason I’ve given it up several times. Let’s face it, it takes more time and you could always find an excuse that you’re too busy for a workout today. I have discovered the formula that works for me. I do my routines at home while watching inspirational instructors, I can see my body changing and I can feel the difference. This is how it becomes a necessity, and not a have-to-do thing. There is no need to worry about motivation any longer. It comes naturally and it’s easily kept up. Because you just don’t want it back, that old inactive you. Not anymore.

Okay, ladies, it’s time for some home exercising now. 🙂

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