Love Chocolate, Keep It Healthy

It’s not that I can’t give up on chocolate. I just don’t want to. Excluding it from my diet sounds like committing a crime to my own self. If something is so delicious and gives so much pleasure, it can’t be that harmful, right?

Then should I try to forget about chocolate and start eating healthy stuff only? No, I wouldn’t do that. But I could change the way I feel about chocolate. It’s still a dearest friend of mine, but let’s say we don’t meet so frequently.

And I have some other best friends as well – cocoa powder and honey.

If I could diminish my chocolate addiction, anybody could. And it’s not necessarily a painful journey. No need to be. Just be patient, don’t go to extremes.

I had a great number of unsuccessful attempts to stop eating chocolate in the past. I suppose that was because every time I tried to make an abrupt shift. It never worked.

I have also tried to quiet my chocolate cravings as widely advised: “Let a block melt slowly in your mouth.” What? A single piece? No, this never works too, not for me. Doing a headstand seems more achievable.

So what to do? I am a chocoholic. I can’t overcome my attachment (it really feels like attachment, doesn’t it?), i.e. doing without chocolate is out of the question.

I can’t be satisfied with a tiny little block either (Goodness, it’s so negligible that I still wonder how people do it!). Not to mention that following a strict diet which totally forbids chocolate and sweets always ends up as a lamentable failure.

Still, I am aware that too much sugar is no good for me. And thus, the answer has come. The moment I realised I should have made healthier choices was the moment I no longer wanted to be uncomfortable in my own body. I simply started paying more attention to what my body had to say.

If you are bloated or sleepy, if you have dental issues because of the large amounts of sugar you eat, if you can’t put on your favourite jeans any more, then maybe it’s time for a slight change.

In my case, it was about changing my overall attitude to food. I guess, I began reading more about nutrition, or I was influenced by people who led a healthy lifestyle, or I was just sick of crappy food.

I was also sick of too much chocolate, chocolate bars and all the chocolate stuff I used to eat daily. Because my body was giving me signals, and this time I didn’t try to pass them by.

I was sure I would never win the game. But we shouldn’t fall victims of our own eating habits. We are supposed to love food, not fear it. Period.

Love chocolate, but don’t let a persuasion overwhelm you. Eat it, but don’t grant it more power than it actually has over you. Be addicted if this is the way you want to call it, but be moderate. Not every day, but as much as you can.

Eat chocolate not because you believe to be addicted, and because you enjoy every bite. Reduce the quantities gradually, even little progress makes the difference.

I used to eat a hundred grams of chocolate in minutes, now I’ve made it around one-third or less. Not a block or two, and yet better than before. Not once a week, and yet not every single day.

Some days I overeat chocolate, cakes, cookies, whatever I want until I can take no more. We need this occasionally. 🙂 Other days I have a rest.

But all the time I am in search of healthy options.

I’ll tell you about three wonderful desserts that are absolutely delicious and virtually good for your health. I love them! They could successfully substitute the sinful cakes and creams full of refined sugar and bad fats.

Here are the recipes:

  1. Homemade Nutella 
  2. No-Bake paleo chocolate avocado pudding
  3. Chocolate ricotta ice cream 

Love chocolate, keep it moderate. Don’t give up on desserts, make them healthy. 🙂

Marina xxx


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    • marinailieva says:

      Oh, I’ve always envied non-chocoholic addicts. They have no idea what we go through when refusing a piece of chocolate cake. 😀

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