Thank You, Mother!

It’s time for a daughter to thank her mother. Mother’s Day is behind, but isn’t every day a celebration? A celebration in honour of all those brave women on the planet we call Mothers. Motherhood doesn’t end when children reach the legal age. I am a decade away from this age and I am sure my mother still thinks of me as her little girl.

It’s not the kind of a mother-daughter relationship that means endless phone conversations. It’s not like a daughter confiding all her secrets and her mum being a best friend. Neither does it look like thousands of cuddles. But it is special, so dear a relationship, so unique and priceless. I realise that I can’t demonstrate my love the way I ought to. I’ve always been a bit of an introvert child; I’ve never shown too much emotion or felt the necessity for discussing my feelings. Now, in my late twenties and raising a child myself, I only hope that my mother understands how much I love her. Because mothers know their children, they can feel everything without a word to be uttered. Even though I don’t say it very often, she knows…

I love you, mum, and I thank you. Thank you for being the gentlest and most loving person I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you for having devoted your own life to us, your daughters. Thank you for my happy childhood, for the boundless patience which I fear I have not towards my son all the time. You were always there to soothe me, you would never lose your temper even when I had done something wrong (throwing your purse away with all your money in it, for example 🙂 ), you would never be unkind to anyone. Thank you for the cosiness at home, for the delicious meals and the peaceful joy at dinner time. My God, how snug I used to feel at home! There was no such place in the entire world like our hearth, humble but so full of warmth. Thank you for all those wonderful holidays, you would always make them special. Thank you for the beautiful Christmases. I still can smell the scent of a fir tree, the scent of Christmas desserts, the scent of home… Christmas time is still my most favourite time of the year, thanks to you. In winter, I think of those magical Christmas days we used to have. Sometimes it’s saddening as I know they are irreversibly gone. Yet, I smile at the memory because now I want to create the same magic for my family. Thank you for showing me that family is the greatest value in life.

Thank you for the strong and determined person you and dad have made of me. Thank you for believing in me wholeheartedly. You’ve never questioned my ambitions, you’ve never underestimated my little achievements. Thank you for supporting all my ideas even when they might have seemed senseless to you. I hope I’ll be at least half as good to my child as you are to me.

My sister and I are blessed to have a mother like you. I just wish you would take care of yourself more. Well, motherhood lasts a lifetime, doesn’t it? Now I can understand.

Thank you, mother! Thank you for the woman I have become.