Watching My Child Play



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It is one of those precious moments in life that only parents have the privilege to experience. What the rest can see is just an ordinary scene – a kid and some toys around, nothing special. What a mother sees is her sweet child playing peacefully as if this is their entire universe.

Yes, I am talking about the quiet and peaceful games that even boys play at times. When we think about boys and their way of playing, we usually imagine fierce battles, tag and running and all the tumult. My boy is not exactly the kind of a ‘wild’ kid, but still he is a boy. And watching him sit calmly while doing a very important job with his construction blocks, is such a pleasure for his mummy. Well, here is the catch – in most cases, he wants me to play with him. Starting such a game on his own initiative and keeping it up for more than few minutes rarely happens. But isn’t this the whole beauty? Children feel happy when adults are interested in their activities. I can see my son full of enthusiasm when he has mum or dad to share his game with. How often do we totally devote our attention to that? To be honest, I am too busy with household issues or my own things. That’s right, mothers also have their own things to do (writing blog posts, for example 🙂 ) and I find this pretty normal. You are not supposed to give a hundred percent of yourself to your family, at least not all the time.

However, I try to spend an hour or two a day with my boy and really be with him, in the present moment, in the present game or whatever we are doing together. He becomes the same little angel I see when he is asleep. He is so fully engaged and concentrated, and his countenance looks so cute. It’s so tender and rewarding an emotion that I am ready to put the laundry off for another day. He constructs his trains and rails, rearranging them thousands of times, he builds and rebuilds bridges and walls with his bricks; he cuts off shapes (I’m a big boy, I can use scissors for adults; OK, mum is right by my side). He pours water in and out of two bowls and that seems so significant. He can repeat all these again and again as long as his mother takes part too. Mere trifles that pass unnoticed, and they actually mean so much. We are sometimes neglectful as parents, maybe too tired or overwhelmed, and we forget that our children are all the happiness we could ever need. One hour a day, just let go, sit on the ground and be a kid again.

Watching my child play brings me back to my childhood when everything was simple, when getting excited and cheerful took nothing but the world around. It reminds me of how pure and innocent a child’s soul is. It reminds me that my son is growing up here and now and it only happens once.

Would you put your phone aside for an hour and be with your child instead?


8 thoughts on “Watching My Child Play

  1. Kate Orson says:

    lovely post. I do this too, but can’t always manage an hour a day. It’s really wonderful to just hang out in their world, and I always feel that the depth of that connection lasts much longer than an hour.

    • marinailieva says:

      Thank you for your comment, Kate. Absolutely, the connection can’t be reduced to a single hour a day. But I guess, if we just try to pay more attention to the little things, we’ll truly appreciate what we have. 🙂

  2. Daile Fordoski says:

    I love watching my son play his imagination is so amazing!!!! Things are so much simpler to them and its great. I love getting on the floor and playing superheros with all his action figures, even though I don’t know whats going on all the time lol. Thanks for sharing #twinklytuesday

  3. Dad Without A Map says:

    Lovely post. One of the things I loved about looking after my boy on Friday’s last year were the simple pleasures of playing and watching him discover the world. We are all so caught up in work and trying to cram everything else into our lives; ‘catching up’ on news, TV, cooking, mowing the lawn and so on we forget to stop and be in the moment. This is very trendy now – all this mindfulness – but playing with your child is one way to be mindful that also nutures someone else. Keep on playing. #twinklytuesday

  4. Unhinged Mummy (aka Janine Woods) says:

    My four year old son is being assessed for asd and has a speech and language disorder and part of his therapy at home is play therapy. Because of communication and social difficulties I find it very hard to get him to engage in play with me but sometimes I do like just to sit back and watch how he plays. Obviously his play is repetitive and quite rigid but I find it facinating (and dare I say it, amusing) to watch how he just enjoys doing the same thing over and over again. It’s amazing to watch how precisely he rein acts scenes from Thomas with his trains.


    • marinailieva says:

      Your son is lucky to have such a supportive mother. I guess, sometimes it’s better to let them play the way they want and simply enjoy the scene. You are right, it is fascinating. 🙂 Thank you for reading! xxx

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