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Since my first Yoga practice, I have tried a great number of videos by different instructors. I have experimented with styles – Hatha, a combination of styles, Vinyasa, and even Ashtanga. Nowadays, I prefer to practise on my own, but until recently I usually did it following a video. These lovely Yoga teachers have given me the basic knowledge of Yoga and more or less have influenced my Yoga experience. I will list them in a chronological order just the way they have appeared throughout my Yoga journey:

  1. Alan Finger and “Yoga Zone”.

It might sound funny, but this is exactly how my home practices began. Yes, that TV show from the early 90’s. It was on TV every afternoon, right after my son had fallen asleep. Lisa Bennett Matkin was my favourite, so amiable and charismatic. Most of the videos are quite easy, so I wouldn’t use them now. But they are perfect for beginners and I really enjoyed them at that time. What is more, they can help you learn some fundamental things about Yoga.

  1. Sara Ivanhoe.

I found her videos by accident after a Pilates workout by Ellen Barrett (another inspiring instructor but only a few of her videos could be watched for free). Sara’s classes are also easy to follow and she is really charming. However, after some time I was eager to find something more challenging. And yet, I was happy to watch her at the very beginning of my Yoga path and I would definitely recommend her videos.

  1. Rodney Yee.
Rodney Yee.jpg

Source: Yoga Shanti

The best! My most favourite Yoga teacher ever! There used to be a wonderful one-hour video on YouTube (Power Yoga for Total Body), the first one I tried, but I’m afraid it is no longer to be seen there. The good news is that you can sign up for GaiamTV on and find all his videos there. It’s less than $10 a month and you will practise with Rodney Yee (and many others) anytime, at home. Why do I think Rodney Yee is the best? Listen to his voice first – so deep, so soothing. Everything in his behavior suggests calmness. His movements are smooth, his explanations are always clear and to the point (too much talking during a Yoga class is a bit annoying, isn’t it? 🙂 ). And I absolutely love the music background in each video, very relaxing and “zen”. Rodney Yee can offer something for everyone – from beginner to advanced level. He will just make you love Yoga.

  1. Colleen Saidman Yee.

Rodney Yee’s beautiful wife. They lead a wide range of classes together; they are cheerful and harmonious, and make such a cute couple, don’t they? Colleen’s videos could be found on, there are some on YouTube as well. Frankly, I only tried a few of them, because I had already discovered her husband. 🙂 She talks and explains a bit more, which makes the practice more slow-paced than I would prefer, but it’s quite good for beginners.

  1. Donna Buchanan.

Source: The Yoga Vine, Facebook

There are plenty of free videos you can watch on YouTube and they are all worth trying. Most of them are Vinyasa classes and quite challenging, there are inversions too (headstands, for example), but that didn’t make me give up. Donna actually showed me that Ashtanga was nothing to fear. There was a period I only used her videos to practise Yoga. They are not easy, but this is why I was so fascinated. Because I could see the progress – every time, I felt stronger and more flexible, and I was getting better with my alignments.

  1. Christine Khuri.

Source: YouTube

Well, if you do it with the sole intention of relaxing, you’d better choose someone else. It’s never easy with Christine Khuri. Her Yoga is more intensive and you’ll have to break a sweat. But if you like Power Yoga, her videos could be just for you.



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