Fitness Is Not Your Thing? Find the Right Person to Inspire You


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‘Fitness is not my thing’. I hear so many people, both men and women, say that. Actually, they are so deeply certain of their unwillingness to make a move that they even consider the idea itself to be vain and stupid. To a certain extent, some years back I was one of them. I have always believed sport to be a good thing; in fact, I have always admired those who, unlike me with my have-no-time excuses, do something. But it seemed that I just couldn’t find enough motivation to begin. There were some efforts from time to time, but nothing regular. I guess the Universe wanted me to give birth first and become a workout lover afterwards.

So how it all started. Three stages: Yoga → Pilates → Home fitness.

I don’t insist this is the path, not at all. It just worked for me. And I will dare to give a piece of advice (it is quite banal indeed, but this is why it is so true) – if you are afraid of tough workouts, do not plunge into them. Do it little by little, really slow steps. Start with some easy exercising, and I mean easy. Your body needs time to wake up after months or years of inactivity. Pushing yourself too violently is the easiest way to give up. Keeping it slow is the best way to start loving it. Most importantly, find your thing. If you don’t like the idea of going to Zumba or Kangoo jumps, for example, don’t do it just because it is popular; you may wish to try them one day, but now focus on yourself, not the trends.

This is how I discovered Yoga and made it part of my everyday life. I know, I will be reproached for reducing Yoga to a sports activity. But actually, I am not doing such a thing, for I have felt myself that Yoga is about changing your entire being; it is definitely not about physical movements only (I have already promised to pay special attention to Yoga). And yet, it was the best choice for me to begin with my home exercise. A year or so has passed. One day I decided to try Pilates (after years of oblivion 🙂 ). It was a bit harder at first, but some workouts later I felt like challenging myself even more. And luckily, her videos were part of the same channel on YouTube, Gymra. So, found by accident, become addictive.


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Now ‘Fitness is not my thing’ sounds like ‘Fifteen, fourteen…’, ‘Five more, four more…’, ‘Almost there’, ‘You got it”. Or ‘Are you still with me?’, she often asks this in her videos. She is the woman who is torturing you till you are out of breath and then shows you how sweet the fruits of all your sufferings are. Her name is Christine Khuri – gorgeous in her 40s, beautifully shaped and totally inspiring. Since I found her workouts, I have not wanted to try anyone else’s. Because I love her teaching approach and her energy; I love the way she explains and demonstrates, I love the way she pushes you, and I love the way it all pays off. And the loveliest part – she has plenty of free videos on the Internet.


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I will be honest, it was so damn hard at first, so damn fast, that I did not believe I could catch up with her speed, ever. Several times I was on the verge of giving up. But Christine looked so well and she was doing all those difficult things with such ease, that I just called all my stubbornness together and started following her. I decided to do what I could, took more breaks, and left out some movements. Months later, I guess I got stronger and more resilient and began doing the whole workouts. The exercises I used to consider impossible to do were not that impossible anymore. Some of them remain challenging, but I never stop reminding myself that she has been doing it for years, and I am still a tyro. Regarding this, I must warn you – try her workouts once you feel your body needs more exercising. Otherwise, they may seem a bit frightening.


Photo: Christine Khuri Fitness, Facebook

By the time I found her videos, first Intense Core Yoga 29 min, and then Burn 400 Calories & Build Lean Muscle – 30 Min Total Body Workout, I was already enthusiastic enough about going to the next level. And in spite of my enthusiasm, I failed to complete both workouts… As a matter of fact, my first attempt with the latter was a real disaster. That was the moment when I wondered if it would not be better to go back to the good slow Pilates. On the next day, however, my obstinate and curious nature made me open the Burn 400 Calories video again. I only watched it, fascinated by Christine and incredulous of my physical potential. Then I gave it another shot. It was better. Every time it was getting better. Well, ten burpees after two exhausting rounds are still too much for me, but I do what I can. I always do what I can, have patience and respect my body limitations (Yoga taught me that) and keep learning.

Until I finally got addicted to being active. I am pretty sure the fourth stage is coming soon – fitness at the gym, but for the time being I still look after my little boy all day long. As I said earlier, no rush. To me, place is of little importance now, keeping up motivation is what matters.

Try my way or any other way you think would work for you. Believe it or not, after some time, you will regret you have not done it before. But as Christine often repeats in her Facebook profile, ‘It’s never too late’. 🙂

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