How Motherhood Has Changed Me… For Good


Don’t worry. It won’t be a ‘Desperate Housewives’ thing (though I desperately love the series). Well, there might be some allusions to it at times. 🙂 But I’ll try to keep it positive, as this is my philosophy in life. I would be happy to know there are other mummies out there who share my views.

They say becoming a mother is a life-changing event. A woman never imagines what they really mean till she becomes a mum herself. I did not realise that too, but now I have been thanking the Universe every day for granting that privilege to me. Because my child helped me so much in discovering the world anew. I have changed so many things in myself, in my lifestyle, in my attitude to others, in my belief in Family. I have become a happier person without losing my identity or turning into a weary housewife. I have discovered new passions, new activities I thought I had no time for in the past; I have learnt to organise my time, I have learnt to stop complaining about how tired I feel. I have learnt to see the sun in my day. Because it is there – in a child’s smile and in the eye of a beloved man, every single day.

It took me a lot of time to muster up courage and create a blog. But I have always been fascinated by the idea of writing. I love writing actually, as much as I love reading. I do not pretend to be talented, there will be no pretensions to being objective either. It will be my viewpoint, subjective and honest. So what I believe this blog would look like – a reflection of my newly gained experience as both woman and mother.

I will begin with the most visible changes that maternity has done to me:

  • Be self-confident. I believe I can do anything I want (even start writing on a blog 🙂 ).
  • Don’t give up your education. My son was 5 months old when I started an MA program in English and American Studies. After the initial euphoria of having a newborn, I felt I had so much energy and zest for learning that I just couldn’t miss it out. A year before, I would go to work and comfort myself with the excuse there was no time for more university courses, but a tiny little creature gave me so much more motivation.
  • Stop postponing! If it is a dream, make it happen. I have always wanted to write, but I guess I was afraid of encountering readers’ disapproval. No more fears! Since I was writing academic articles in my MA courses, why should I not proceed further, but this time write about anything I find worth writing about. And isn’t that the perfect time?
  • You want your family to be healthy and happy? Start with yourself! Three fundamental changes here:
  • Yoga – a dear friend of mine took me to my first yoga practice 2 years ago (Thank you, Adi!) and I haven’t stopped ever since. I continued with my everyday practice at home while my son was asleep (I’ll tell you about a few really charming yoga teachers some other time). And what a surprise, it is actually possible to find 30 minutes a day to tone your body and relax your mind! Yoga gave me so much, and it taught me so many things about my inner self. But it is too long, I’ll share my yoga experience in another article. In general, it gave me more tranquillity and patience. And what else would a mummy long for when suffering from a constant fatigue and lack of sleep?
  • Healthy food – I got interested in this field in my pregnancy, but things got even more serious afterwards. I decided that my child deserved to eat clean, that my partner and I also deserved it. No more junk food, no frying, no excessive quantities of fat and sugar, closer to Nature and more distant from shiny packs full of trash. Nowadays, I am so very sensitive to children’s diet, obesity and parents’ awareness of the problem. Again, a long, long subject, it needs special attention and I believe it will be discussed quite often here.
  • Fitness – at home? Yes, it is an option, and a good one. I just cannot go to the gym as there is no one to look after my child in the meantime. Besides, to be honest, I don’t feel like spending time in going to the gym and back, when I can have the comfort of my own home. So one day I unfolded my first yoga mat in the living room and got started. It was a bit tough at first, but I liked the way I felt after a practice – somehow exhausted, and yet full of power. Now it has become a necessity. I only regret I haven’t been active enough before (guess why, work-university-whatever-have-no-time excuses). I’ll tell you about the instructor whom I have never met in person, and who has changed entirely my attitude to fitness. But she deserves special attention too. 🙂
  • Be feminine, feel like a woman. I haven’t ceased being a woman just because I have a child to raise and a home to run. As a matter of fact, now I want to wear dresses and skirts more than ever. And I don’t want to throw my heels away. Moreover, I love make-up and beauty products more than before; and this is not because I see myself getting older, it’s because of my inner desire of being liked… by myself. And of course, we should not forget № 4 – stay fit, eat clean, feel great. You are a woman, you deserve to look fabulous and be happy in your own body.
  • Family first. I realised that actually, I did not want to be in pursuit of a big career in a big company. No, don’t think I have given up my ambitions and become reconciled with my current status of a housewife. Just the opposite, I am completely confident that a mother must keep going with her personal development, and her children are the most powerful motivation she could have. But here is the condition – if possible, a job that makes her happy and inspired rather than one that exhausts her to death (unless she has built the dream career already 🙂 ). I know, it sounds like utopia, and yet I believe it to be achievable. Isn’t that another of maternity’s wonders – your own belief that you could start your professional path from scratch if you need to? And yet, Family is sacred. My career would make me feel satisfied, my family gives me all the rest – love and happiness. I have the world when I have my dearest close to me.

Who knows, maybe more changes are just around the corner?

Cuddle Fairy

8 thoughts on “How Motherhood Has Changed Me… For Good

  1. ljdove23 says:

    I think motherhood changes all of us, some in different ways to others, but irreversibly none the less. I think motherhood changed me in so much as I learned what, and who, was important in my life and that was the biggest lesson for me. Really enjoyed reading this. #BloggerClubUK

  2. Becky, Cuddle Fairy says:

    Being a mother definitely changes a person – in so many ways! This is so well written & i can relate to so many of your pointsI It can be nerve wracking taking the leap into blogging but then it’s so amazing when you get here! Thanks so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK

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